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This is to welcome John back to Region 9 and to introduce him to those who do not know him. I first became aware of John at the qualifying shows for the Young Riders team of our region. He qualified and represented our Region well at the Championships in Kentucky. What impressed me the most was his great personality, quiet, friendly and clearly a team player. I also sensed a ‘can do’ attitude based on self confidence and willingness to work for what he wanted. John drove daily from San Antonio to Austin to ride Gdansk and other horses at the Reiterhof. He did this as a teenager. Such dedication will bring results and it did. 




John representing Region 9 Young Riders at the North American Championships in Kentucky


He is a native Texan born and raised in Corpus Christi where he also started to ride at age four. While at first he did not focus on Dressage that changed when his family moved to San Antonio. When his talent for Dressage became obvious his parents decided to search for a horse that would help him to further develop that talent. They found “Gdansk” at the Reiterhof in Austin. There they also found Richard and Susan Howard who shaped his equestrian career from then on. Richard did the teaching and coaching that lead to qualifying for the NAJYR team of region 9 and participation in the Championships in Kentucky in 2009, and Susan used her knowledge of the German System and her connections in Germany to find a Riding master whom John could apprentice with to become licensed as trainer and teacher. 




John showing a young horse for purchase at Johan Zager's barn. 


They decided on Johan Zagers. He is well known and highly respected in Germany. Here John spent three years to learn the trade and forge his skills as rider and teacher. John passed all his exams and is now a licensed “Bereiter”. When you ride as an apprentice at such a barn initially you do not ride the best and easiest horses. You learn to ride the hard way, young horses, spoiled horses, horses with attitudes and at times not so talented horses are the challenges confronting the apprentice on a daily basis. As the apprentice’s experience and skill grows his or her mounts become better and work begins at higher levels. At the same time one day a week is spent in class learning the theory deepening the understanding for the practice and making the riding lessons more meaningful. It is a wonderful approach to prepare young people to become professionals at their trade.  




John showing Whispering Wind in Katy Texas during the 2013 show sesson


I feel very fortunate that John has agreed to join us here at Tex-over and he will start accepting students and horses beginning the first of July. If not at the farm you will see him at the shows and I invite you to come by say Hello and help us make him welcome back home in Texas.  

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